Does your dog have problems being home alone? Are you afraid to come home to a house turned upside down by your dog?

Understand the true nature of your dog
When you have a dog with separation anxiety, you have to understand the true nature of the dog to help it.

Separation anxiety is not about your dog being sad when you leave your home. The dog is actually panicking.

As you probably now, having a panic attack can be tough both physical and mental.

Your dog doesn’t know why you’re leaving
Your dog is left at home and it doesn’t understand why you are leaving. Your dog doesn’t know that you’re going to work. Your dog doesn’t know you’re going down to the store.

All your dog knows is that you’re leaving it (it’s pack is leaving it) and your dog doesn’t know for how long.

5 signs that your dog has separation anxiety
Here’s 5 signs that your dog might have separation anxiety or problems being home alone:

  • whining or barking when you go to the toilet or shower, leave the house or the car
  • barking or whining when you leave the house to go down with the garbage
  • following you around all the time in the house
  • ‘sitting’ on you in the couch – everytime you sit down your dog takes a seat ‘on you’
  • ‘biting’ you in your legs when you come near the front door

Maybe you experience other symptoms and this doesn’t mean that your dog got it wrong. Your dog doesn’t understand our human world so we have to speak the silent dog language to help them cope in our world.


Separation anxiety and other problems with your dog
You might experience other problems with your dog like:

  • pulling on the lead
  • following you at home
  • barking when visitors arrive
  • pulling towards other dogs on the walk
  • your dog is hiding under the couch when its time to go for a walk

If you need help with any problem you have, Lovinadogs offer phone consultations. In a phone consultation you will understand how to help your dog and how to become more balanced and don’t have a bad conscience about leaving your dog.

I’ll guide you through how to help your dog and it doesn’t matter that I’m not actually in the same room as your dog.


Dog with separation anxiety – all dogs have different personalities
All dogs have different personalities and they cope with being left alone differently. Some dogs they bark and jump at the front door. Some dogs they whine for hours and shake. Some dogs they hide somewhere in the house the moment you put your outdoor clothes on.

Help your dog cope being left alone
When you know how to handle your dogs separation anxiety, it doesn’t matter how your dog reacts. You will know how to handle the situation and help your dog cope with being left alone.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a puppy, a shelter dog or a grown up dog. It’s never to late to make a restart with the right information, tools and silent language.

The first piece of advice I’ll give you is not looking at your dog when you leave the house. Just leave the house without looking at your dog. If you want to say goodbye, say it out in the air. Keep your dog safe by not staring and looking at it when you leave the house.

The second piece of advice – dog alone home
Don’t look at your dog when you come home. Step into your house and wait for your dog to calm down. When your dog is not jumping and whining wait another 2 minutes and the make a recall. If the dog doesn’t come to you, make the recall again 10 minutes after.

Contact Lovinadogs for more information and guidance to a more balanced dog life.