A happier everyday life with your dog

Get the skills that you need to understand your dog. It’s only when you learn to see the world with the eyes of your dog that you succeed in creating a happier everyday life for both you and your dog.

I’m a Dog Listener and can help you who:

  • struggle with challenges with your dog
  • need support and guidance
  • have tried everything without results
  • want to understand your dog’s language

Dog consultation - phone

An educational conversation that helps you closer to understanding your dog. You get the guidance you need to solve the everyday challenges with your dog. You speak, I listen – and share my knowledge with you, so you can create an even more harmonious everyday life with your dog. The consultation is 1 hour with the possibility of booking extra time if needed.

Dog Communication Driving License

Educate yourself in the dog’s language whenever and where you want. The Dog Communication License is the ultimate dog course that gives you knowledge and tools to handle all challenges with your dog. The online course consists of 6 modules plus lots of bonus material which together enables you to create a stressfree life with your dog.

Consultation + full support + course

Solve the challenges with your dog once and for all! I visit you and your dog in your home, and afterwards you get access to the e-course Dog Communication Drivers License. Together, this gives you all you need to create the life with your dog that you dream of. After the consultation, you also get lifelong backup, so you get all the support you need in future.

“… I have gained control over my two dogs, 7 and 10 years old, who previously triggered each other to bark, well no more!”


“Definitely one of the best dog instructors, I have met through the years.”


“Two days after I implemented the changes and did a bit of training with the dogs, they no longer pulled the leash.”


“… most of the things you say, I will think about – not only in relation to my dog, but also in relation to my children and my husband.”


“I now understand, and have already felt, how much calmer my dog has been with the help from your tips.


“…he has become more calm, and I know now what to do.”


“Amazing concept!”


“So good you are at helping us dog owners ♥️♥️”


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I’m ready to answer all your questions. All you need to do is email me at info@lovinadogs.com or call me at +4561653359.

What does is cost?

At Lovinadogs you find a number of solutions. Choose the one that fits you and get ready for a stronger relation to your dog. See prices here >>

All dogs speak dog...

All dogs are looking for balance and harmony. All dogs are willing to cooperate. You just show them how in this human world which is not natural to them. When you learn and understand the silent language of the dog, you can change the life of your dog.

Are you ready?

Understanding your dog through dog communication does not happen from one day to the next. It requires you to work with your relationship with your dog – and not least with yourself. If you are ready for this, there are no limits to what you can achieve with your dog.

Results for both dog and owner

I'm a certified Jan Fennell Dog Listener, and therefore I use the method Amichien Bonding, when I help dog owners understand the dog's silent language. Along with a holistic approach to you and your dog, you get what it takes to create a life where both you and your dog experience calm and balance.


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Said by dog owners:

“… det er en helt ny måde at se min hund på”
Vi har været yderst tilfredse med den information og undervisning, vi fik af Zeleste fra Lovinadogs. Hun var rigtig dygtig til at forklare os i detaljer, hvorfor vores hund Murphy har den adfærd han har, og hvordan vi kan hjælpe ham. Vi føler os godt klædt på til at arbejde med de nye værktøjer.

Vi har efterfølgende haft opfølgning omkring, hvordan det går, og vi har til og med anbefalet Zeleste til andre. Der er virkelig meget at vinde ved at få hjælp af Lovinadogs, og det er en helt ny måde at se min hund på. Nu har vi til og med fået en hund til i huset, og med værktøjerne er det gået rigtig godt.


“Han troede, han var en husky…”
Dette er Eddie, og han er 3 år. Han er en Irsk Terrier. Han havde bare ét problem. Han troede, han var en husky (Siberian Husky) – han trak utrolig meget på gåturene, og for en ældre herre som mig, havde jeg brug for hjælp.

Da jeg mødte Zeleste, fortalte jeg om mit problem. Hun sagde, at hun kunne hjælpe mig, og det kunne hun. Ved hjælp af hendes gode råd, trækker Eddie ikke i snoren i dag – så længe der ikke er katte eller hunde i løbetid.

Zeleste er Dog Listener, så hvis du har problemer med din hund, er hun rette person at spørge om hjælp. Jeg vidste ikke, at Eddie kunne forandre sig så hurtigt.