Amichien Bonding

How happy I am that you want to know more about the method I work with. The method is called Amichien® Bonding and Ami = friend, Chien = dog and bonding = well I think you already know that. . The method is developed by Jan Fennell and I’m a certified Jan Fennell Doglistener. Amichien Bonding is inspired by Monty Roberts who works with horses and his method JoinUp.

Amichien Bonding – learn the silent language of your dog
I find Amichien Bonding amazing to work with and especially when you work with traumatised dogs and all dogs in general. You don’t need to have a challenge with your dog to work with this method – it’s a way of communicating with your dog and living with your dog.

You get access to and learn the silent language of your dog. It will give advantages through out your life together hence your dog already knows this language. You don’t have to tell your dog of and use ‘No’ in every other meaning – you’ll simply show it with your body language and knowledge of your dogs instincts.

Amichien Bonding is inspired by wolves and their interactions

Jan Fennell developed the method after studying and spending time with wolves in Yellowstone National Park. She applied the things she learned from studying the wolves into her own pack of dogs. The wolf and the dog might be different since the dog is domisticated. But the instincts and the silent language of the wolf and dog is intact. There’s only 3 % difference in the DNA of the dog and the wolf.

Hence we can’t view our beloved dogs as children or our babies. Dogs are intelligent beings that needs the safety of the pack.

Amichien® Bonding – one method for all dogs

The method works on all dogs no matter size or age and is build upon for elements:

  • Status – when the pack reunites. What are the status of the packmembers?
  • Food – when the pack eats. Who is responsible for the food?
  • Danger – when the pack is in danger. Who makes the decisions?
  • Hunt – when the pack is hunting (the walk). Who leads the hunt?

Vill du veta mer om metoden Amichien® Bonding? Läs denna bok av Mervi Kärki: Det goda hundägarskapat. Det är en självbiografi och en fantastisk bok om du vill inspireras i ditt hundägarskap. Jan Fennell har såklart också en del böcker och här hittar du information om dem. Fråga mig om du vill veta mer om böckerna på svenska.