Need help with your barking dog? Tried everything and it didn’t work?

  • Have you ever wondered how it would be if your dog wouldn’t bark at everyone and everything?
  • Have you ever wondered if there is one solution to keep your dog from barking?
  • Would you believe me if I told you that there is a holistic and dog friendly method without gadgets and us getting upset with our dog?

Watch the free videos on how to help your dog that barks:


I want you to be successful and help your dog from barking and have even more happy neighbours because they won’t have to listen to your dog every night.

I want you to feel less worried about your dog and more in balance and enjoy the companionship with your dog.

Helping dog owners all over the world
I live in Stockholm, Sweden and was born in Denmark. I stay quite often in the south of Spain hence I help dog owners all over the world. I can help you over the phone and I don’t have to visit you and your dog to help you resolve the problem with your dog barking.

Dogs have a universal language and as long as we stick to this silent communication, we can create balance and harmony in our family pack.

I help dog owners understand their dog and getting rid of problems like:

  • separation anxiety
  • constant barking inside and outside
  • aggression towards people and dogs
  • hyperactivity
  • pulling on the lead

and how to communicate with their dog.

I offer both phone consultations and home consultations. I don’t have to see the dog to give you advice on how to create an even stronger bond with your dog.