Dog consultation + full support + course

This is the ultimate solution for you, who wants to fully understand your dog and its behaviour. You’ll be able to understand your dog’s language and communication, so you can create the life, you dream of with your dog – once and for all.

Book today and get:

  • 3 hours consultation in your home
  • lifelong support by email and phone
  • online course – 6 modules
  • a stressfree everyday life with your dog

Say bye to stress and frustrations because of your dog

Do you need help understanding your dog’s behaviour? I’m a Dog Listener, and my passion is to help you understand the language of your dog – the silent language. When you book your 3 hours dog consultation + full support + online course, you’ll learn everything about your dog’s communication and signals. You also learn how you can communicate with your dog, so your four-legged friend will quit unwanted behaviour by its own will. It’s amazing to see, when both you and your dog is thriving in your relation, because you suddenly understand each other.

The dog consultation lasts 3 hours, and you get free support for life by email and phone afterwards. You also get my 6 weeks’ online course Dog Communication Driving License, where you’ll learn the dog’s language in depth. The course consists of videoclips, audio files and PDF files and is easy to navigate through. Read more about the online course here >> 

Get "the whole package"

The combination of a consultation in your home and the online course gives you the best conditions for understanding your dog and for creating an even more harmonious everyday life with your dog.

Full support for life

Get support from me by phone or email if you experience new challenges with your dog or have questions. I offer support, when you book this solution – not only today or tomorrow, but for the rest of your life as a dogowner.


 3 hours home consultation + full support by email and phone and the online course Dog Communication Driving License cost 550€. It is possible to pay in rates, if you wish. See all prices here >>

A safe platform for you and your dog

We begin your journey towards a better life with your dog with a 3 hour visit in your home, where I – in a safe environment – will “translate” what your dog is trying to communicate to you. It’s not hocus pocus – it’s pure dog communication. Usually time flies at these consultations, and we use it to observe, discuss and make a plan for how you create harmony in your relationship to your dog.

You’ll find that you suddenly see your dog with other eyes – often you’ll see that its behaviour is already changing during the consultation. After the consultation, it’s up to you to implement the new tools and knowledge with support and guidance from me and the online course Dog Communication Driving License.

I don’t believe in – and don’t work with – quick fixes. However, my goal is to create a safe platform for you and your dog, so that you can enjoy your life with your dog with less stress and more joy.

After the consultation, you get lifelong support by phone and email. If you need another dog consultation in your home, this will cost 54€.

Learn to handle the challenges with your dog, eg:

– that your dog barks excessively

– that your dog has separation anxiety

– that your dog guards you and follows you

– that your dog is pulling the leash

– that your dog is nervous

– that your dog is afraid of sounds

– that your dog is hiding when you have guests

– or any other challenge that you experience with your dog.


My approach is holistic, and I work with the cause and not only the symptoms of the behaviour. Together we create the optimal foundation, from which you and your dog can build a more harmonious relation.

Training with you in focus

My purpose is to train you as a dog owner, so you know what to do to help your dog just be a dog. Help it relax and not take responsibility. Therefore, it’s not the dog that I have to train – it already knows its own language. During the dog consultation, the online course and the support that I provide, you’ll find that it’s you that will be trained.

I introduce you to the 4 elements in the method Amichien Bonding. I help you understand how your dog sees the world, why its behavior is as it is – and how we change it.

The result? A more harmonious everyday life for both you and your dog.

Happy dogs = happy dog owners! 

Results for both dog and owner

I'm a certified Jan Fennell Dog Listener, and therefore I use the method Amichien Bonding, when I help dog owners understand the dog's silent language. Along with a holistic approach to you and your dog, you get what it takes to create a life where both you and your dog experience calm and balance.

All dogs speak dog...

All dogs are looking for balance and harmony. All dogs are willing to cooperate. You just show them how in this human world which is not natural to them. When you learn and understand the silent language of the dog, you can change the life of your dog.