Dog consultation by phone

A 45-minute dog consultation by phone that focuses on you and your dog. I use a holistic and gentle method, through which I will teach you to use your body language rather than words like “no”, “stop” etc.

Get tips and support and avoid that your dog

  • pulls the lead
  • barks all the time
  • jumps up on your guests
  • finds it hard to be left home alone

– and much more!

I can help you get a happier life with your dog

Is there something in your dog’s behaviour that you’re wondering about? Do you experience situations with your dog that you don’t know how to handle?

A dog consultation by phone is your kickstart to a better relationship between you and your dog. You learn to understand your dog’s silent and unique language, so you avoid misunderstandings and reduce stress in you as well as in your four-legged friend.

Hands-on tools by phone

Get hands-on tools that can help you live a more harmonious life with your dog. Everything you learn is tailored to you and your dog’s specific situation.

Understand your dog better

After the consultation you’ll have a deeper understanding of your dog, and you’ll know how to help it to live a calmer and happier life.


The phone consultation is 71€ for 45 minutes. Before the consultation, we will find a time that suits you. Also, you pay for the dog consultation beforehand.

How it works...

A dog consultation by phone is set to 45 minutes, during which I will teach you how to handle the difficult situations with your dog. Together we make a plan on how to continue your everyday life with your dog.

When you hang up from our conversation, you will feel inspired and gifted with numerous tools that cen help you handle the exact challenges that you experience with your dog.

Results for both dog and owner

I'm a certified Jan Fennell Dog Listener, and therefore I use the method Amichien Bonding, when I help dog owners understand the dog's silent language. Along with a holistic approach to you and your dog, you get what it takes to create a life where both you and your dog experience calm and balance.

All dogs speak dog...

All dogs are looking for balance and harmony. All dogs are willing to cooperate. You just show them how in this human world which is not natural to them. When you learn and understand the silent language of the dog, you can change the life of your dog.