I hope the dog will be my new best friend, and I think we will help each other understand the world and ourselves. We against the world – or something like that…

Life with a dog is much better

I believe that life with a dog is much better than life without a dog.

I imagine that we’ll go for long walks together, that we play and hug. That it after a while will get to know me and trust me.

Speak dog language to the puppy

Also, I’m curious about using what I’ve learned about dog communication from Celest from the very beginning. To do what I’ve done with her dogs with my own dog.

When we come home from school, it will be excited to see us. But we won’t look at the dog. Instead we greet the dog in its own way.

We’ll use dog communication and show the dog that we’re the leaders. It will be interesting to see my sisters take control and lead the dog. They will be so incredibly skilled with my help.

Poor little puppy…

I wonder how the dog will experience becoming a part of our family? I think it will ask a lot of questions in the beginning.

It will probably be overflowed with love, petting and hugs from my sisters the first couple of months. I must try and stop them as far as possible. The poor puppy needs to be left alone from time to time.

But I think we as well as the dog will quickly adapt. It will probably feel safe with us. At least I hope so.

A small furball becomes a big dog

And it’ll be so small!!! I imagine how it’ll run around in our living room on its tiny legs all furry – like a small furball on adventure.

How it’ll stop and look at us and ask: “Are you looking at me?”, and then run along. So sweet!

I’m incredibly determined to get a new member of our family. It’ll be truly amazing.

/Emma S. 14 years – about getting a puppy in the family

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