If I get a new job, I prefer that someone welcomes me. A person who knows, how everything works in my new job. A person that can introduce me to the others at the workplace in a good way.

I want to feel safe and feel like someone is taking care of me.

If I get a new job, and my new manager is unclear, confused, stressed and cannot keep concentrated, I can become nervous and anxious:

“What am I going into here? Have I made the right decision? Do I really need to take over here and decide everything from day 1?”


Leadership is everywhere

In my world, leadership is everywhere – it’s dynamic. In every relation that I enter, leadership exists.

I am very glad to speak about leadership: I’m a leader for my dog. I know exactly what is expected of me to be a good leader for my dog.

I’ve invested in myself and my dog and have educated myself in the dog’s beautiful and natural communication.

I found the right tools for my dog and me.

Leadership and dogs

Leadership can be hard, because we human beings want to complicate it, and because we get different information from many different places.

But leadership isn’t  something we get – it’s something we are chosen for.

What my dog expects from me – and communicates to me – is:

  • “Help me in a manmade world, I don’t understand – educate yourself in my natural language, so you understand me.”
  • “Protect me from all dangers, when we’re out on our walks and when I hear loud unknown noises outside and inside our home”
  • “Protect me from people, who wants to pet me, because I look like a cute teddybear.”
  • “Help me live a life without stress.”

Leadership is not about being tough or dominant. Only dogs can dominate.

The dog’s language is delicate and simple

We human beings can learn the silent communication of our dogs and copy signals that make our dogs feel safe.

Here, I’m not only talking about when e.g. the dog is licking itself around the mouth and emits silent signals. The language of the dog is so much more delicate – but also much more simple.

I’m not saying that it’s a quick fix: But if you dedicate yourself to learning the dog’s language, you will be able to understand and solve many challenges with your dog in your everyday life.

The method that I work with is called Amichien Bonding, and I’m an educated Dog Listener. I have an amazing job.

I educate dog owners in personal leadership

I educate dog owners in what it means to be a leader in a pack with a dog. I educate dog owners in personal leadership – inner leadership.

I love seeing people grow and become strong leaders with simple tools. “AHA! Can you really do this without being tough on your dog?”

To take responsibility for your dog is also to take responsibility for yourself. What have you got to lose? Don’t be afraid to talk about leadership.

A leader is:

  • the one who knows best in the situation about the situation
  • the one who’s kind but determined
  • the one who’s willing to go all the way to make sure that the pack survives
  • the one who has the full overview in all situations
  • the one who gives love and safety in a balanced manner

– and much more…

You can trust a leader. You follow a leader, because it feels safe. You want to be with a leader, because then you can relax. A leader is clear and consistent.

What about your leadership?
How are you as a dog owner? Would you trust yourself and put your own life in your hands? Are you a good leader? Do you need support and guidance to strengthen your inner leadership? Get in touch – I’m here to help you.